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At BudgetBikes, we love a good chat with our clients. And we know that most of them like to be addressed in their mother tongue, which is why we make an effort to provide our tours in all possible languages.

We offer daily tours in English, Dutch and German. French, Spanish and Catalan tours can be booked on short notice. And if you would like us to organise a tour in any other language, we will gladly arrange it for you. Please be sure to contact us well in advance though, so we are able to brush up our Chinese, Russian, Arabic etc. 

You can specify your language requirements in the comment field of the booking form.

Our well-trained, dedicated guides have excellent language skills. They are experienced in leading bicycle tours and guiding, and are always happy to share their in-depth knowledge about Barcelona. 


  • All tour themes available in all languages
  • Daily tours in English, Dutch and German
  • French, Spanish and Catalan can be booked on short notice
  • Any other language: please book in advance

Please leave your preferences in the comment box of our booking form. 

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