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Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

When you think about Spain, you will probably think about the beaches, the sun and everything “tranquilo”. And that isn’t weird. Spain is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. The country has another very important characteristic though, the Spanish language.

Ordering a “cerveza” during your summer holiday is something most tourists are capable of, but what comes next usually is more difficult. Besides ordering a beer, the language has so much more to offer.

The Spanish language is spoken in 31 countries and thus is the second most spoken language in the world. The language is becoming increasingly popular. Spanish is an important language in today’s education and more and more foreigners are learning to speak the language. Because the world’s globalization, speaking multiple languages ??is becoming more important every day.

What is the best way to learn the Spanish language? Is a question that is often asked. There are several answers possible to this question. Take an online course at home or follow Spanish lessons in your home country are easy ways to start learning the language. However, if you want to learn Spanish properly, there is only one way that is most effective and fun, learning Spanish in Spain.


Perhaps the most important reason to opt for learning Spanish in Spain is the experience. During your stay in Spain you will make friends for life. During your Spanish lessons you will come into contact with new people, you will live with new people and you will go out to meet new people. Learning a new language together will create a special bond. To enjoy the Spanish life together with the new contacts is an experience that you might only experience once in your life and certainly never forget.


Learning Spanish in Spain gives you the opportunity to get to know the real Spanish culture. Living in a country for a longer period will make you constantly use the language and come into contact with the real Spanish culture. The real Spain from the newspaper in the sun on a terrace during a morning coffee or an afternoon on the beach until the sun goes down. You will meet the locals, discover the local bars and markets and make you feel at home in the country.


This reason probably requires less explanation. The Mediterranean climate that prevails in the eastern and southern coastal areas ensure warm summers and mild winters. With an average winter temperature of 18 degrees on the Costa Blanca and summer temperatures around 30 degrees, Spain is a wonderful destination all year long. The diversity that the country has to offer ensures that everyone can find a place that fits both cultural and climate preferences.


And of course the language. There is no place where the Spanish language is spoken as in Spain. While living in Spain you come into contact with the language every moment of the day. By directly applying the things you learn in daily life, you master the language and you’ll ensure that you learn to use the language as they do in Spain. No other option makes this possible for you. It is important to choose a language school that suits your personal wishes best, to make it easy and hassle free to learn Spanish in Spain.